About Us

We are much more than accountants - we are your trusted advisor and one of the team. We work with you by giving you reliable, timely and accurate information and give you detailed insight into how your business is performing.

​Counting Clouds Cambridgeshire was set up by Caroline Harridence, a digital accounting specialist who has a genuine passion and love of technology. Having many years of cloud accounting experience, she has a clear vision to establish a fully digital, technology focussed business that utilises the technology to deliver accurate and timely services to clients. In addition, Caroline also believes the client comes first and she strives to create a friendly and strong client relationship with all clients ensuring they are confident with their results and sleep well at night.

We customise our services to meet your needs and, as your needs change as you grow, so we change our services to ensure we help and support you.

Our services range from core bookkeeping to a fully outsourced digital finance function which includes more than processing invoices and reconciling the bank. Our virtual outsourced services include services such as virtual credit control, virtual accounts payable department and virtual funding solutions to name a few.

What does this mean for you? It means we can take away the need for you and your team to spend time on these areas and you can rest assured they are in safe hands. We automate the manual processes and use the accountancy tools to ensure our accounting solution operates efficiently and effectively. This in, turn, saves you time and allows you to focus on running your business.

Our specialist services provide you with specific services many of which utilise the digital technology available to ensure they are streamlined and are as time efficient as possible. Many of these services such as Business Planning and Virtual FD services allow us to work together to ensure you remain on track and to assist you achieve your targets.