B Corp for Accountants

Social and environmental impact is a huge issue for businesses today with more and more businesses looking to improve their impact and become a force for good.

Accountants have an important role to play here, raising awareness of the issues and supporting our clients who are striving to become more sustainable businesses.

We also have a role to play within our firms, taking action to transform our own business, examining our policies and procedures and assessing our own impact.

That’s why I decided to put my own business through the B Corp certification process, demonstrating my own commitment to building a better business community. Why don’t you join me and become part of a growing community of like-minded businesses worldwide.

I provide help and support in the following areas:



With 25 years of experience working in accountancy practices I understand how they work and having taken my own firm through the process of B Corp certification, I am perfectly placed to help and support you on your B Corp journey.

Becoming a B Corp is evidence to the outside world that the firm is responsible and purpose-led which, in turn, helps attract employees and clients who are seeking to work with such organisations.

The B Corp certification process isn’t easy and only one third of those who apply will be successful. Every B Corp journey is unique and, as a B Leader, I am trained in the process, know the pitfalls and the steps required to get you successfully through the process, working with you towards a successful outcome.

For micro sized practices, this support can be either on a one-to-one basis or as part of a small cohort of similar sized accountancy firms.



Becoming a B Corp accountancy firm is a great achievement but is just the start.

I work with your firm after B Corp certification providing bespoke ongoing support. All businesses have different needs and I adapt my services to provide you with exactly what you need. This can include:

• Annual Impact Report – Information gathering, analysis and subsequent preparation of the firm’s Annual Impact Report.

• Improvement Goals – set specific improvement goals with the firm and monitor progress ahead of recertification.

• Impact Reporting – define, measure and review the impact of the actions taken by the business.

• Recertification – supporting and guiding you through the B Corp recertification process every three years.

• Bespoke support to meet specific requirements (e.g. staff presentations on B Corp and employee communication).



More accountancy clients are wanting to improve their own sustainability and many are interested in becoming a B Corp business. I can support you so that you can provide this as a service to your clients.

As a qualified B Leader, I can work with you and your clients, guiding them through the B Corp journey and helping them become more responsible businesses.



What is ESG? What is Net Zero? What is B Corp?

With lots of new terminology, vast amounts of information online and constant news stories regarding sustainability-related issues, it can all seem very overwhelming and confusing.

In order to transform your firm and to support your clients, your team need to understand what sustainability is and what it means to be a responsible business. I provide bespoke training solutions to overcome these problems, giving you and your team the knowledge and confidence that they need to succeed

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