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The role of technology is increasing and there is no sign of this stopping in the future. We are all surrounded by technology and most of us use it every day either at work or at home – or both! It’s therefore important that we consider how we can use technology in a sustainable way.

We all can help play a role to improve the impact the technology we use has on the environment and here are some practical tips to help you make some positive technology related changes in your business.

1. Look at your Energy Provider

Review your energy suppliers and opt for renewable energy providers. There are online comparison sites that allow you to do this and, not only are they better for the environment, many can lead to lower tariffs which save on energy costs. Also, look into “green” mobile phone providers for a more sustainable option.

You could also consider solar panels for a more environmentally friendly option. These can reduce your energy costs and, in some cases, you can earn money by selling your excess energy back to the utility companies.

2. Unplug that Printer!

Do you really need to print that document? Unplugging the printer can be a good way to break that printing habit! You not only save paper, but you also save money too as you no longer will buy expensive printer ink cartridges.

3. Unsubscribe from Emails

Every email in the world is stored somewhere on a server in a server farm. These data centres have millions of computers storing and transmitting information, requiring massive amounts of energy to run them and the air conditioning needed to keep them cool.

The more emails we send and receive and store, the more energy we use and this has a huge impact on the environment. Through unsubscribing from an email, you save around 10g of carbon as this email is no longer sent or stored so this is a good option to improve your carbon footprint.

4. Switch off Electricals

Turning off electricals may seem obvious, but do you leave lights on in the office or keep IT equipment on overnight?

By switching electrical items off when not in use, this reduces energy usage and helps the environment as well as saves money on your electricity costs too.

5. Opt for Refurbished IT Equipment

Rather than buying new IT equipment, look into other options and consider refurbished IT equipment instead.  This will not only save you money, it will help reduce the volume of e-waste and so improve your business sustainability.

If you do replace your old items, don’t throw them away and consider different options such as selling, recycling or donating them to a school or charity instead.

You could also consider upgrading existing IT equipment rather than buying a new replacement piece of equipment.

6. Sustainable Business Website

The internet uses a lot of energy and collectively it is estimated that the web accounts for 2% of all greenhouse gas emissions. There are many ways to have a more sustainable website including examining the font sizes used, who hosts the website and watching how many videos have on your website.

It is worth speaking to your website designer for advice on how you can make your website more sustainable and reduce the impact that it makes.

Technology is part of modern-day life and it plays a significant role in the way we do business.

By making some more sustainable choices, we can reduce the impact the technology we use has on the environment. And remember, every change we make is a step in the right direction!


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